Cinque Island

Cinque island of union territory is very much renowned for its serene ambiance and tranquility the traveler who wants to spend their time with reverie of solitary can travel here because the surroundings which it looks to cultivate brings the inner canvas into picture.

The marine life and corals of the island could be considered as prime elements to entice traveler and complimenting the brilliance of nautical life you have natural helms of mangrove forest, tropical forest and endowing coastal line.

Owing to its natural ambience the island has been divided into north Cinque and south Cinque a journey here is definitely going to spark your head because here you will have an opportunity to learn about nature and its prodigy..

Tourism Value

Within the depth of Island you will witness enormous numbers of corals which in turn has made the island one of the prosper bay of corals and owing to its importance the site has been declared as sanctuary. Beside corals here you will find the presence of amazing marine life, shells and sea anemones. The entire marine life living underneath the water helps to sustain the ecological norms of the surroundings and to preserve the same the area has been raised with the sheds of mangrove. The plant of mangrove as per the ecologist helps in preserving sea life.


As the silent waves of the Cinque flows to pay homage to nature the traveler from across the world comes here to pay tribute to the brilliant environment of the island which is facilitated with numerous water sports activities. Adventure lover are sure to have their share as the perfect location allows them to perform Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Game Fishing and camping.

We would strongly recommend traveler to try scuba diving as it allows you to understand the world beyond the land. The tranquil sea life which is defined by the presence of corals and shells can only be identified if you take an initiative to dive under the water and scuba in this context could meet the desire of sea lover.

Things to Note

Representing its serenity you have entity of different species of animals and absolutely no human. Absence of human settlement has made this island ecological and the thick vegetation cultivates opportunities for marine life to grow.

While coming here traveler would have an opportunity to view the fauna and avifauna of the Cinque Island the presence of wild boar, spotted deer, civet, fruit bat, reptilian species like krait, cobra, king cobra, vine snake and python speaks the diversity of the island.


The major attraction of the island is Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park which is also renowned as Wandoor national park. Within the core of the Wandoor national park traveler can relate the beauty of marine life which in turn would acknowledge their initiative with wisdom. Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park constitutes the flow of 15 islands and several islets that surround the boundary of Andaman and Nicobar.