Chandigarh Tour Packages

Chandigarh is one among the most modern and highly developed cities of India. It is an administrative city of two popular states of Haryana and Punjab and shares the part in the country as the union territory. It is also an affluent tourist site where you find countless tourist sites and attractions. The city in fact holds almost the half of India’s beautiful site and so by nickname itself is known as the city of beautiful which totally descript about the overall sightseeing possible sites and picnic spots.

The rock garden

The rock garden also known as the Nek Chand’s rock garden is a popular tourist spot of Chandigarh and is one among the landmark or the iconic attraction of this city. The garden is a sculpture garden famous for its stone human sculptures that are found standing and sitting in rows with different hue that are made with recycle ceramics and the waterfalls and other beautiful flower gardens and greenery that are found here also cheers visitors. A visit to this rock garden leads your emotion float in the world of high intellectual world and superior nature and so you can always learn something from the art and skill of man and nature while amusing around sightseeing the wonders that are found here.

Rose Garden

The Zakir Ross Garden the garden which name after the president of India created by expert Dr.MS. Randhawa, the first chief commissioner of the state in 1967 still today remain as one of the most beautiful and most attractive garden in Asia. It is fact Asia’s largest rose’s garden that holds more than 1600 variety of rose species. And if you happen to come here during the months between Februarys to March you will find them all blooming beautifully with great variety of hues and is simply mind blowing and stunning to see.

Sukhna Lake

Another wonderful tourist attraction site of Chandigarh is Sukhna Lake. The lake is actually said to be an artificial lake found at the foothill of the Himalayas on the shivalik hills. It is a rainfed lake that is found to extent about 3km square area the lake is not much deep but still swimming is not much common here however sporting activities like boating is quite common here which is offered along with few other sports facilities.

The central business district: You can also go out for evening hang out in the central business district which is one of the particular area that is named so because most of the business offices and commercial activities takes place here. Thus this particular site is known as the commercial zone and in geographical statues it lies in the heart of the city. There is much to see here.

For excursion you can look forward for Pinjore known for beautiful variety flora filled gardens that offer a wonderful delightful atmosphere for picnic and hang out purpose. The Patiala, Ludhiana, Jalandar and Kapurthala though may not be located very close to your destination area you can plan next time for picnics and excursion they are equally fabulous and mesmerizing and you can easily take route from Chandigarh. They just about 10 to 80 km from the main town.

Shopping in Chandigarh

For classified shopping in metropolitan environment of Chandigarh considered the division of several sectors to come handy. Categorization of the same allows traveler to do shopping with ease and since there are utmost and ample number of local and private shopping centre so it is definitely going to be a moment of fun for shopaholic in and around Chandigarh.

How to reach Chandigarh

Chandigarh is a beautiful city sometime referred as planned city of Indian is a Union Territory and is the only urban conglomeration that stands as a capital of two distinct states namely Haryana and Punjab. Being an only planned city of entire India it has earned reputation not just for its amazing infrastructure which has been divided into sectors and regions but it has wonderful connection of transport and communication that seems to connect Chandigarh with every neighboring states and regions of North India.

Chandigarh Car Rental

The only city in India that serves as the capital of two states namely Haryana and Punjab, Chandigarh is a one of the finniest and planned city of the country. It exemplifies the modern architecture and derives its name from the renowned ‘Chandi mandir’. Besides, the picturesque location, magnificently decorated gardens draws the visitors from different parts of the India. Being close to the nation capital New Delhi, it also has a huge commercial and business importance.

The Rock Garden

India is accepted for its unique natural and manmade allure spots which play a significant role towards contributing to the tourist economy. Some of them which have acquired common acclaim are Taj Mahal, Red Fort, the caves and temples of south India, etc. Such a different spot which attracts masses of people not only from the country but as well globally visitors is the Rock Garden of Chandigarh.