Campbell Bay National Park

Sprawling over a grand area of about 426sqkm resides the very magnificent Campbell Bay National Park. The Great Nicobar Island is the dwelling place of this very marvellous park. Turned into a national park of India in the year 1992, the Campbell Bay National Park is an integral part of the Great Nicobar Biosphere Reserve. It is one of the major tourist attractions of the Great Nicobar Island. The Great Nicobar Island encompasses some 96 sanctuaries out of which the Campbell National Park is one.

In a place like Andaman where there’s water on all sides, the presence of a national park matters a lot. This does not mean that there are not any national parks in Andaman. In fact, Andaman has some of the most exotic national parks ever seen such as the Campbell National Park. The presence of the national park marks the establishment and sheer progress of wildlife and biodiversity. Moreover, the National Park provides a break to those who are tired of seeing beaches and islands in the Andaman archipelago. Such is the significance of the park, that it draws innumerable tourists towards it throughout the year. One must definitely visit the Campbell Bay National Park if one wants to experience the true essence of wildlife.


The Campbell Bay National Park is blessed with a rich variety of flora. The National Park is enclosed with affluent tropical evergreen deciduous and mangrove jungles. Numerous varieties of ferns and epiphytes are contained in the park, thereby enriching the biodiversity. Diverse varieties of orchids, ferns and other types of plants reside in the Park. One must definitely visit the park during spring. The view of the park is mesmerizing as one will find dissimilar types of flowers of different textures and colours, thereby spreading beauty and fragrance all around the surrounding.


The Campbell National Park is a heaven for countless species of fauna. Diverse species of reptiles and birds abandon the park. Besides this, different varieties of mammals are also present in the Park. The Hawksbill turtles, the leatherback turtles and the Oliver Ridley turtles are some of the classes of turtles. Even Nicobar Pigeon, giant robber crabs and crab eating Macaque are also found. Watch-towers are also there in the park from where one can watch the splendid view of the sky-scraping birds and exotic animals.


It’s always said that one must never forget to carry their important assets while starting an errand. Camera is one of these crucial assets. Camera is needed in order to capture the scenic beauty of the Andamans along with the wildness of the Campbell Bay National Park.

Campbell Bay National Park – A paradise for the wildlife lovers

If one is an admirer of wildlife, then a visit to the Campbell Bay National Park is a must as the park is a storehouse of some versatile varieties of flora and fauna. In order to discover these varieties, a visit to the park is mandatory.


The Great Nicobar Island is a restricted or constrained area where only Indians are allowed. Before that one has to collect information from the tourism centre of Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit the Campbell Bay National Park is between March to October. During these months, the weather condition is soothing and more of all, one can enjoy visit inside the park with easy means.