Calicut Tour Packages

Nestled on the coastal area of southwestern India, Calicut also known as Koizhikode is one of the most famed tourist destinations in Kerala. The city was known to be the spice capital of India during the erstwhile days and was frequented by a large number of traders from all over the world. The name Calicut is said to have been derived from “Calico” which is a hand woven cloth that is manufactured here. When you are on Kerala tour packages, you get to make the most of what this beautiful city has to offer. So pack your backs and set off with us on a holiday of your lifetime.

Attractions In and Around

Being one of the most frequented cities by early traders, this iconic city with various influences has a wide diversity of attractions for a visitor to explore. Some of the most well known attractions in and around the city are:-


being a coastal city Calicut is known to have some of the most pristine beaches in all of India. The coastline here stretches over 15 kilometers and harbors many sand filled beaches for you to laze around and relax in. The beach also has two piers and a lighthouse from the erstwhile days when foreign trading ships from Arabia, China, Portugal and Netherlands used to port at its shores. Visiting the beaches is a grand affair during the month of January as various cultural festivities of the Malabar Mahotsavam and firework shows are held here.

Mananchira Square

-this particular square is located at the heart of the city and its name has been derived from the large clear water pool encompassed by laterite stone steps which was built by Manavedan Raja who was one of the erstwhile Zamorins. The square is much more of park with tall palm and other species of trees, shrubs etc which have been planted in a tasteful array. It also has an open theatre and a musical fountain which adds to the charm of the place. The views of the city that one can get from a particular corner are simply spellbinding.


this particular destination is located at a distance of about 10 kilometers from the main city. Beypore is actually a ship building port and one of the busiest fishing ports of the area. The unique thing about this port is its wooden ship building technique known as “Uru”. It is a grand sight to see these skilled craftsmen working with their age old art of shipbuilding. It also has beautiful beach and a walkway which you can visit.

Pazhassi Raja Museum and Art Gallery

dedicated to the ruler Pazhassi who fought the British with the help of tribal warriors the museum is home to ancient mural paintings, old coins, monuments etc. The museum also has works of the erstwhile famed painter Raja Ravi Varma.

Thusharagiri Waterfalls

this particular waterfall is located at a distance of about 50 kilometers away from the main city however the drive to see it is worth it. The waterfall is nestled in the hills away from the hustle and bustle of the city making it one of the most peaceful places you can visit around Calicut.



this is one of the best places in India to buy spices, the coveted Calico cloth and souvenirs to take home. The city is known for its fair pricing and authentic goods. So when at Calicut be ready to go on a shopping spree which is fun, exciting and you never know what you can unearth in its markets.

Restaurants in Calicut

Lots of restaurants are located in Calicut serving assortment of detectable and wholesome cuisines. The restaurants in Calicut is mainly known for serving Malabar foods but it also has few good restaurants that non-Malabar foods at reasonable price. Cooked in typical Malabar style fresh ingredients and locally produced spices and herbs, the food here are very tasty and scrumptious to satiate your gastronomic needs and palate. Also the restaurants here offer decent ambience and cordial services to add more pleasure and charm to your dining experience.

Shopping in Calicut

Calicut is a beautiful tourist destination of Kerala and it is marked by blissful ambience of nature. The town is a secondary economic hub and the local artist here plays an important role in boasting tourism through their exclusive works. Its culture and attitude towards shopping has always been pleasing and without a hint of doubt one can exemplify their shopping experience here at Calicut which is sometime referred as Kozhikode.

How to Reach Kozhikode (Calicut)

Calicut or Kozhikode two different name of one place is worth to visit to soak in the glory of history. Known as Calicut during the British rule in India, Kozhikode is a unique place for travelers to visit in Kerala. The rich historical backdrop of Kozhikode is what makes it a popular tourist destination. Rightly, it is the place where Vasco da Gama (Portuguese Sea Explorer (Sailor) first landed during his search of sea route to India. It paved the way for the establishment and growth of trade between the European powers and India.