Butler Bay Beach

Pinpointed at a considerable distance of about 14kms form the Hut Bay jetty, the Butler Bay Beach in South Andaman is one of the prime attractions of the Andaman Islands. It is rather an open beach and reef crack that has rather unswerving surf. Spring seems the best for this kind of surf. Offshore winds radiate from the western direction, thereby providing a very cool environment. Groundswells are responsible for the incoming of surfs with the southern side as the host of the most favourable distend angle. The Butler Bay Beach is a very fine beach, thus providing you with pleasure of sun-basking, surfing and snorkelling.

Tourism Value

The Butler Beach is one of the most splendid beaches of the Andaman group of Islands. Some of the major attractions of the beach are the glittering waterfalls and coconut plantations. These coconut plantations also give you an idea about its abundance in South India. The beach is encountered by tourists from both national and international level. The prime attraction of the beach is that the beach has been spotlighted in the very famed documentary film Thicker than water. Those who have watched this movie do come to catch a glimpse of this very exotic beach. For the sheer comfort of the tourists, tourist huts have also been provided. Thus, the Butler Bay Beach welcomes its tourists with open arms.


The Butler Bay Beach encompasses diverse activities such as boating and surfing. In practice, the northern side of the Butler Bay Beach is an exceptional spot for surfing. In addition to that, it is quite favourable for camping as well. Coral Watching and Sun Basking are some of the other interesting activities. Coral Viewing is truly one of the most fascinating activities. It is indeed always pleasurable to steal a glance of the very exotic corals. One can lie peacefully under the clear blue sky and bask in the dazzling sun. The view of the fascinating corals also entertains you a lot. Tourists also take pleasure in jungle trekking and elephant rides. Elephant rides are very well enjoyed by the kids. Trekking is meant for the wildlife lovers who want to spend some time in the hub of forests. One must always remember to carry a camera in order to capture the beauty and magnificence of the Butler Bay Beach.

Things to remember

Before setting out for the Beach, one must always remember to verify their tickets. One must always carry safe drinking water and some snacks with them. If one is opting for any water sports, then they must carry an extra pair of clothes. One must abandon the beach by 4pm, lest you may find yourself wandering amid the dark forests. It is recommended to carry a water-resistant camera as the ones offered by the locals may prove quite expensive. One can also carry medicines, in case of any sort of sea-sickness.

How to get there

For the service of the visitors, regular boats are always obtainable from Port Blair to Hut Bay. About 5-6 hours is covered by this drive. Once you reach Hut Bay, one can rent a private vehicle to Butler Bay as it is located at a manageable distance of about 14kms.