Boothathankettu Dam, Natural Dams on Earth

Bhoothathankettu Dam is a one of the popular tourist destinations in Kerala. The dam is situated at the outskirts of Pindimana village in Ernakulam district, located at a distance of about 50 km from the main town of Kochi and about 10 km from the Kothamangalam town. It is a perfect destination for the nature lovers and the nearby forests of this dam offers a wonderful opportunity for trekkers and bird watchers.

Earlier, the original dam comprised of huge boulders on both sides of the Periyar River that partially blocked and reduced the flow of the river. At present, this old natural dam has been improved into a modern dam, which has resulted in Bhoothathankettu Reservoir or Thattekad Reservoir.


According to the legends, the origin of the dam has been since centuries. It is believed that the dam was structured by monsters orbhoothams (in Malayalam), in order to submerge the Teikkariyoor temple, located close by. When the monsters started to built the dam with the help of huge boulders, Lord Shiva, the main deity of the temple planned to outsmart them. He made sounds of the roosters’ making them believe that it was dawn and soon there will be day light. As the monsters feared the light, they left the dam unfinished and ran away. So, the temple was saved from flooding and the Periyar River was partially blocked.

As in practical sense, the creation of the dam has been credited to the floods that destroyed the lands in the 4th and 14th century. These floods caused large scale landslides and brought huge boulders of rocks to this place from the surrounding mountains that settled at the plains of the Periyar River.


The curiosity about the origin of the Bhoothathankettu Dam drives a large number of tourists to this place. Besides this, it is also a perfect place to enjoy the beauty of nature. The site is also popular among the locals as an ideal spot for picnic. Tourists can also opt to cruise on a houseboat at this place, which allows you to explore the untouched beauty of the surrounding regions. While at this place, you should not miss cruising up the river to a freshwater body, which has medicinal values of the Neelakoduveli, which grows at the upper areas of the Periyar River. The tranquility and the beauty of the river will certainly rejuvenate you.

The dense forest on the side of the river also offers an opportunity for trekking. The trek in the forest will allow you to observe the lush green vegetation of this area along with some mesmerizing views of the surrounding areas. One can also enjoy rock climbing at this place.Old Bhoothnathankettu, means ‘Fort of Monsters’

The river dips inland at times at this place, making it a tempting prospect to enjoy a refreshing swim and as you go further upstream; you will reach the renowned Thattekad Bird Sanctuary, which is home to diverse species of birds. Tourists can also try their hands in angling or simply relax on the banks of the river enjoying the serenity of the place. Altogether, there are endless opportunities for relaxing and enjoyment at this place, making it a perfect destination for a day visit in Kerala.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit the site is during the months of November to February as during this time of the year the region experiences pleasant climate.


You will not have trouble finding a place to stay according to your preference at this place as there are plenty of hotels and resorts located at a close distance from the site. These accommodation facilities are ranged between budget to mid budget class and are equipped with almost all the modern day amenities.

How to Reach

By Air: The nearest airport to the site is Kochi International Airport, located at a distance of about 35 km. The airport connects you to various domestic and international cities. Bus and taxi services are available from the airport to the dam.

By Train: The nearest railway station to this place is in Kochi, located at a distance of about 50 km. Both private and public buses are available outside the station along with taxi services to get to the site.

By Road: The site is easily accessible though road from Kochi, located at a distance of about 50 km. State and private buses along with taxi services are available from the city of Kochi to get to the place.