Beaches of Andaman

The union territory of Andaman and Nicobar Islands are home to some of the most beautiful, calm, unspoilt and serene beaches. With a coastline of more than 100 kms these archipelago of more than 500 islands has numerous beaches which will make you melt away in their beauty.Dotted with beautiful palm and coconut trees, surrounded by breathtaking gorgeous landscapes and engulfed with cool pleasant weather makes the Andaman Nicobar Beaches, an ideal destination for a memorable holiday. Usually beaches are very crowded as most of the tourist flocks there to spend their holiday. But if you want to go to a beach for a relaxing holiday and at the same time want some quietness and isolation then Beaches of Andaman Nicobar Islands are perfect for you. Some of the most Andaman Beaches are Carbyn Cave tourist complex, Harminder Bay Beach, Karmatang Beach, Radhanagar Beach, Ramnagar Beach and Vijaynagar Beach.

Carbyn Cave tourist complex is located very close to the capital city of Port Blair. Besides sunbathing and relaxing you can also swim and surf in this beach. It has all the facilities to provide you will all the comfort and fun you look to have from a beach.Karmatang Beach is located in Mayabunder. It is a beautiful beach surrounded by pleasing natural beauty, cool, calm and quite. The clear blue water of the ocean surrounding this beach is ideal for scuba diving, swimming and snorkelling.

Radhanagar Beach is in Havelock Island and is a delight for the nature lovers with its diverse variety of flora and fauna. The peaceful surroundings of the beach are ideal for some quite relaxing moments.Vijaynagar beach is also located in Havelock Island. Surrounded by mesmerizing natural beauty this beach is clean and calmer than the other Andaman Island Beaches.

Ramnagar beach is located in Diglipur and a natural inhabitat of turtles. Surrounded by beautiful palm and coconut trees, this beach is rich in natural vegetation and ideal for various water activities like swimming, scuba diving etc.

Harminder Bay beach, surrounded by turquoise sea and pretty landscapes is one of the most famous of Andaman Nicobar beaches. It provides you with all the great time you look forward to have in a typical beach. They silvery sand, the bright sun and the cool breeze of this beach will give you heavenly experience while you holiday in Andaman.

The beaches in Andaman are very rich in marine and aquatic life. They are home to some of the most exotic marine flora and fauna like the leather back turtle, green sea turtle, olive ridley turtle, water monitor lizard, numerous varieties of crocodiles, fishes, corals, snakes etc. However these creatures are not something to be afraid of as they live far away from the coasts, leaving the coast for the enjoyment of the tourists. They Andaman coasts are well developed and you will find many resorts, hotels, restaurants, bars and other places around these beaches that will add to the completeness of your holiday experience in Andaman.