Batasia Loop

Batasia Loop in Darjeeling has a majestic setting and its exotic landscape from here one can look to get a crystal clear view of the ambience which is endowed by valleys, acme of Kanchenjunga and undying meadows. Spiral clue with the double bend in fact depicts the excellent engineering plan of British but never in dream would colonials have anticipated that their acclamation would have in all-around tourism of Darjeeling.Gradient terseness may it assume tough but gentle are its bends, view the wonders of the attributes when monsoon does not rain. Batasia Loop and its towering amplitude apprenticed by engineering feet war memorial that commands the site where tourist pays more heed. It is 5 km from Darjeeling, under Ghoom. There is as well a memorial to the Gorkha soldiers of the Indian Army who sacrificed their lives after the Indian Independence in 1947

Batasia Loop was built in 1919 because it was an engineering claim for the toy train to be able to handle an abrupt descent in this area. Just afterwards Ghoom (which is the accomplished railway station) there is a sharp fall as the toy train moves towards Darjeeling. There was no way the toy train could accommodate such a severe fall of about 1,000 feet unless there was a way to somehow reduce the gradient of the slope.Batasia Loop was created by the British to adverse such sharp descent. You will not even realize how the toy train in fact descends by about 1,000-foot as it completes the bend through an ample annular area and on a gentle steepness and then crosses its track clue near the starting of the loop through a tunnel below. It is advised as one of the greatest engineering feats.


When the Himalayan Toy Train is not there in the sight then one can walk along the track and complete the loop. Here you can as well take numerous pathways in the gorgeous garden and walk around and enjoy numerous striking flora and blissful surroundings, absolutely it is an overwhelming experience for the vacationers.From tourism perspective the existence of Batasia loop is like a key to success because most of the traveller walks here with the dream to travel across the Batasia loop by listening to the sound of the Toy train.Toy Train ride here is just a dream project because it is a sole destination where train takes a loop of 360 degree giving you a perfect view of the surroundings. Beside that it is the main track from where you would reach other station that surrounds the side of Darjeeling.

How to Get Here

By Air- The closest Airport is Bagdogra which is located at a distance of around of 77 km and it will take 1 hour and 45 minutes to reach Darjeeling.

By Rail- The nearest railway station is New Jalpaiguri which is located at a distance of around 72 km and it will take approximately 1 and half hour to reach Darjeeling.

By Road- From the railway station and airport it takes around 2 and half hours to reach Darjeeling by small vehicles and bus. Thus reaching Darjeeling is not a tough task.