Barren Island

Barren Island of Andaman and Nicobar is the only active volcano within the entire South Asia and frequent eruption and tsunami has reformed the relief of the island which in turn has helped the Union territory to bag more revenue from tourist. Although this easterly Island which is located at the distance of around 135 km from the capital of the Andaman is lived by no human but to compliment its adverse and extreme sterile landform you have few population of goats, birds and rodent species

Morphology of volcanic eruption started here from the late17th century and the recent one was recorded in 2011. Traveler would be shocked to understand that the unknown tremble of the island has been preserved to entice tourist from all across the world which in turn has made this destination a hub of tourist during the time of season.

The main attraction of the Island is its serenity which is spell by the flow of the Island. The volcanic belts which is located at a perimeter of Indian and Burmese tectonic plates has made this Island active and one must understand that most of the volcano within the periphery is nestled within the depth of water so when it explodes it results in extinction and creation of new water flows.

Tourism Value

A smokey element that arises out of the mouth of the volcano that rises at an elevation of around 354 m speaks a volume of the island. Traveler must understand that island is approximately 3 km long and the caldera volcano that surrounds the side is 2 km wide.

The most important information related with this Island is the volcano that covers the part of the island is the only active and the most easterly volcano of the entire South Asia which in turn gives ample opportunity to its traveler to view the same. Owing to its importance the traveler would require obtaining permission from the forest department to enter the sensitive area of the Island.

Activities around the Island

The water front of the island and the elevation that it commands makes it one of the most ideal places for scuba diving. The transparent flow and the void landform itself speak the brilliance of the area. Scuba diving beneath the beds of the Island would allow traveler to view amazing formation of an exclusive things like stone, lava topography, coral gardens and many more. A journey here would be more than just an ordinary experience because the walk towards a periphery of an active volcano speaks the volume of adventure.

The dive destination within the island is located at the remote area and to reach the site one would require boarding Infiniti live abroad but before doing that make sure obtain a permit from the respective forest department.

Things to Note

Sightseeing can be considered as main activity within the water front of Barren Island there are numerous attractions within the island where you can enjoy your day but to do the same one would require staying here for around 2 or 3 days.

Best Time to Visit

Consider coming here during the months of February till May to understand the reverie of the Barren Island.