Baratang Island

Baratang Island which is renowned for its scenic location and prospers marine life is sprawled over an area of around 238 square kilometer. The island of Baratang which is considered as one of the important islands of Andaman groups connects the flows of Andaman Sea with the South and northern Andaman. Perched perfectly at a distance of around 20km from the capital of the Union territory the Baratang is renowned for an instance of mud volcano which according to geologist is the only example around entire India.

The mud volcano which is termed as jalki was last erupted in 2005 which in turn paved the way more increasing fertility and such fertility has been a prime element in making the island evergreen and exotic. The dense vegetation of tropical forest which is complimented by littoral and evergreen has made the site organic and natural.

Tourism Value

Laying perfectly within the boundary of middle and south of the Andaman the coastal line and the marine life of the Island speaks the importance of the site. Means of transportation which is defined by the service of road, boats and jetty allows traveler to visit the place. The creeks of mangroves and evergreen forest result in making the surrounding a true natural spot where traveler comes from across the world. From tourism point of view the area is less popular but that does not pose any threat to its importance rather it makes the area virgin and less polluted.

Endowing coastal line and marine life helps local tribal people to earn their livelihood which thus help tourism department to earn revenue. An exotic environment of the island allows various migratory birds to free their wings which in turn excite ornithologist and bird watchers fro, every corner of the world.

Adventure Activities

The perfect location and amazing surroundings of the island entices adventure enthusiast from all across the world to try their hand in many exciting activities. Traveler must understand that the area is renowned and ideal for adventure perks like scuba diving, island camping, snorkeling, beach tours and bird watching. Although there are an array of activities to perform here but we would strongly recommend traveler to try scuba diving to view the treasure of sea life.

Things to Note

While travelling here one must understand that they are entering a sensitive area of tribal people so traveler must always remember to act according to the decorum of their culture. The tribal people living here are not used to our customs so avoid being over excited and never take photographs of the tribal people.

Best Time to Visit

Traveler can come here during the months of October to May and June till August to revere the beautiful and magnificent surroundings of the island.

Nearby Attractions

While coming here to engage your mind in excellence of adventure activities traveler has an opportunity to revere the nearby attractions like limestone cave, Baludera beach, Parrot Island, Roglachang Beach and mud volcano. We would recommend traveler to stay a night here to understand the clinical ambience of the island because the magnificent surroundings and serene setting of the island would reveal the potential glory of the nature.