Assam tour package

Herald of opportunities would be knocking at your door when you will be coming to explore the natural symphony and wildlife hegemony of Assam. To enjoy the glorious venture around Assam we would suggest traveler to get in touch with Assam tour package as they are experienced in terms of making your vacation a memorable experience beside that an entire phenomenon would be hassle free and comfy. What makes a trip to Assam more than just a common voyage is diversity in vegetation and availability of wildlife creature beside that metropolitan life and cosmopolitan weather adds more to its tourism potency. So pack your bags and get ready to hike up a serene terrain and hilly regions of Assam.

Tourist places in and around


the first thing first, the city life and glamorous adventure of Guwahati are an apple of eye of every traveler. To understand the life beyond restriction and course of development Guwahati is a perfect place to venture. The city centers and shopping hub around its periphery could strike the mind of shopaholic people beside that proximity of religious sites makes it more amazing and laurel.


with its parental spring being an eternal Brahmaputra, the Majuli is the largest freshwater island of entire South Asia. A visit here would give you an occasion to resonate with a captivating flow of an island. Beside that it would be interesting to understand its importance towards a development and conservation of nature.

Kaziranga National park:

this national park earns a distinction of being UNESCO world heritage site and for wildlife enthusiast it could be an oracle of oasis in mid of desert. The National Park conducts regular nature interpretation program beside that it house last remaining habitat of the Great Indian One horned Rhinoceros.

Kamakhya temple:

a visit to Kamakhya temple promises to up heal the glory of spiritual sanctum as it is consider as one of the most prominent religious sites around Assam. The temple is dedicated to praise the glory of Goddess Kamakhya, who is considered as main figurine or pious of Hindu mythology.


serene village of Jatinga lived by number of tribal people is amongst the most chronological and mysterious places around Assam. The latest incident of enigmatic suicide of birds helped in making it one of the most inexplicable tourist places around Assam.


located at a distance of around 318 km from Assam, Jorhat is commonly renowned as Tea capital of India. The tea estates around contributes almost of the country production which in turn makes it the largest tea producer of India.

Things to do

There are numerous things traveler can look to perform while coming here and there is a range and classification of activities for all kind of traveler.

Wildlife venture at Kaziranga national park:

an epitome of wildlife prominence could be witness from the lush greenery and protected area of Kaziranga. Come here and witness the presence of one horned rhinoceros beside that take an initiative to try jungle safari to picture them in real.

River rafting and Angling:

Nameri national park and Jia Bhorali River combines together to give you an experience that you would remember throughout your lifetime. The journey here would not be just about enjoying wildlife panorama but a presence of magnificent spring allows traveler to try river rafting and angling.


picnic as a part of socializing activity could be performed at Peacock Island.

Tea festival:

visit Jorhat to witness the multiple variety of Tea and take an initiative to understand its production and irrigation.

River Cruise:

a mighty mirage of Brahmaputra River is just appropriate for river cruise beside that buy a time to view the dense forest of the surrounding.

Bhag Bihu Festival

The diverse culture of Assam has been enriched by various ethnic groups through the different periods of history. People of Assam celebrate various colorful festivals, reflecting the perfect fusion of heritage of different tribes and sub tribes from ancient period. Assam’s main festivals are related to agriculture; however, there are religious and social festivals as well. Since the primary occupation of the Assamese is agriculture, therefore festivals are generally celebrated during the pre-harvesting or post-harvesting period.

Fancy Bazaar

Introduction Fancy bazaar is one of the most popular shopping destinations in the city of Guwahati. If you want to buy some of the authentic and indigenous handicraft products of Assam, then this is the place to go. It is the most sought after market in Guwahati for budgeted shopping and street shoppers. From clothes to handcrafts and handlooms, you will get anything and everything out here. Even though it is a crammed shop with tiny shops spread all across, this is the perfect place if you want to by that exotic silk fabric, handmade toys and handloom products.

Red Restaurant

Red relates spicy and spicy relates wholesome North Indian cuisine. The Red, dear friends is a mind blowing bistro to talk about. The restaurant has set of flavors that would steal the show beside that its family friendly settings allow comfort to be around its reach. An aroma of continental and Chinese on the other hand leaves familiar but exclusive options to its customer. Well stocked bar of the restaurant is some magical powder of its classified section beside that its clean and curetted kitchen floor reflects hygienic approach of the bistro.

Jiffys Restarant

Jiffy's is a newly open fast food restaurants that cooks veritable delights reflecting the positive sign of Indian and international cuisines. It is a family friendly and youthful espresso bar where you would have a fine occasion to have a mild breakfast or brunch. The ambience in particular is sophisticating, it is simply magical and unlike other fast food café is more exclusive and far brilliant. The outdoor seating area of the café is very amusing and refined with furnished articles.

North East Network Handicrafts

Introduction - Assam is the gateway for the fascinating states of north east which is known for its rich and varied cultural heritage. It is the meeting and cultural hub of north east which also acts as a meeting point for thousands of people living in other states of this region that is known for its marvellous natural beauty. There are many places in Guwahati, the capital city of Assam where one can find some of the best quality handicraft of the state as well as other states of north east. One such pace is the North East Network. This place is located in J. N.

China Town Restaurant

China Town as its name suggest is an authentic Chinese restaurant and as compare to other Chinese restaurants around Guwahati it is quite reasonable and effective. The bistro is a family friendly restaurant and it has traditional set of decoration to match its culinary approach. The restaurant is ideal for all kind of social gatherings and for casual dinner the ambience would come into frame to click a perfect picture for you.

Rolls Mania Restaurant

Rolls Mania has taken a concept of rolls into different level, the varieties of rolls one can get here is almost impossible to get anywhere is such diversified way. The Rolls Mania in terms of quick bites and fast food corner has earned a reputation and through its taste and flavors it’s living through its. The family friendly ambience of the café is simply amazing beside that it has set of exclusive things within its corner that would set the mood for you. The wraps of the roll in particular is soft and crispy beside that the fillings of the roll are some delicious.

Spice Route

Spice Route is a multi-cuisine, family friendly restaurant and it has classified section to ensure regular and natural service. The culinary section of the bistro is quiet extensive and the same would give you an idea regarding their versatile approach. The ambience of the restro is hazy and it allows comfort within its bay and the most interesting part is it has an option for fast food delights to meet the scales of time of traveler.


Loyans Restaurant

Loyans is an awesome confectionary shop and it is renowned for its cakes, curls and pastries. The taste of the bakery products would surely change your perception towards sweet things and since its sinful taste has been doing great to draw customer attention, we would suggest traveler to try its tang for general occasion. The ambience of the café like its bakery products is soft and inducing beside that it has all the amenities to make your day better.

Barbeque Nation

Barbeque Nation is a proper North Indian restaurant and here Non vegetarian customers are sure to find their assets in fresh flesh and smoky flavors. The restaurant is renowned for its grilled and Barbeque dishes. This outlet of Barbeque Nation is a new induction in Guwahati and since the day they have made their ground in metropolitan environment they have been doing amazingly well. An ambience of the restaurant is pretty exciting and suites desires of people of all ages.