Aranmula Mirror

Aranmula Kannadi which means Arnamula Mirror is an exclusive handmade metal alloy mirror. Practiced in Arnamula the expert and the folklore believes that the mirror which is to be found here are nowhere to be found because its distinctive approach while carving the modes of mirror has been kept secret. Arnamula which is a small village in the Indian state of Kerala are expert in making this mirror and it is said that, it is only them who can make mirror like this as the combination of metal and alloy that comes together in making the mould of this mirror is something significant and cultural. 

Different as compared to usual silver glass mirror it is a front surface reflection mirror that excludes the phase of secondary reflection so that one can have a clear picture of anything that comes under the frame of mirror. As per the experts the mixture of alloy used in manufacturing the bond of mirrors are unknown nevertheless the metal experts suggest elements of alloy to be mixed with copper and tin. Once the shades are manufactured it is polished for many days to accomplish the job and to get that reflective surface. .

As per the culture of kerala they are given an impetus to be one amongst the eight precious items that comes to make Kerala bride’s trousseau. Mirrors of Arnamula not only reflect the object but it is a result of their unique culture and metal tradition and so far its chronology and cultural aspects are concern it is considered to bring good fate in every spheres of work.Tradition of making these reflective mirrors is carried out by single extended family of Arnamula and as far as its association is concern it shares its history with Aranmula Parthasarathy temple which is one of the historical shrines of Aranmula. .

Rich heritage that dates its history back to 18th century acknowledges their field of work. It is believed that the series of their family progressed with this work and still carrying their tradition throughout the year and that has earned them global recognition. An edge of this mirror claims their hegemony even at a British Museum in London where they have installed 45 cm long Arnamula metal mirror within their compilation and the most noticeable feature is that the mirror have received Geographical indication in the year 2004-05. .

History of Aranmula Kannadi

As per the history few centuries ago, a small number of Indian artisans arrived to Arnamula at the request of the king of the Pandalam who invited them to take share in constructing the walls of Aranmula Parthasarathy Temple. .

Although the artisans were very good regarding their work but during this venture apart from carried out the assigned work kept their selves busy in making ornaments, cooking vessels and bells by using the base of copper and alloy. .

While they were operating with the bronzes, they ascertain reflective elements of one specific copper and tin alloy and hence they discovered the chronicles of Arnamula mirror which is now renowned for making reflective mirror all across the world.