Akkulam Tourist Village

Immense splendour of Trivandrum city of Kerala and between it reign the lights of Akkulam Tourist Village which is approximately located at a distance of around 10 km away from the stands of Thiruvananthapuram city is renowned for its backwater beauty.The backwater beauty of the village is silently noviciate by the traveller from across the world to execute their picnic plans. Traveller must understand that with the stands of the village there is a legacy that speaks the volume and it was the first and for most picnic spot within the vanity of Trivandrum.

Before they hurry in to exploit the natural helm which is accompanied by the presence of tranquillity they must look to thank the department of tourism for identifying the site as splendour of the surroundings.Prospected and developed within an estuary of Aakkulam Kayal which in fact is an endowing stretch of Veli Kayal Backwaters the place is paradise for children and family who loves spending time together by addressing the call of nature.

Calm and serene atmosphere of the site attributes in making the project one of the noble ones because it is acquainted with swimming pool, boating area, Children park and amusement arena. Following the course it is very much natural to understand the flocks of the natives and travellers.

Things to Do

As Akkulam Tourist village is overwhelmed with the facilities that cover the context of adventure make sure to try swimming, boating, picnicking and many more. It is very thrilling and rejuvenating to imagine an amount of glory you will have while coming here.

Imagine executing your picnic plan while your children eng

age themselves in experiencing the meadows and miracles of surroundings.

Best Time to Visit

Except rainy season you can come here throughout the time and to be more precise how about coming here during the time of summer season because summer time would be a most ideal and appropriate to follow your measures.

Fees and Payments

Boat rentals would cost around Rs 250 for 21 people, Pedal boat for four people would ask a nominal amount of Rs 40, rowing boat would cost Rs 40, for swimming one would require paying an amount of Rs 20 and entrance within Children Park would cost an adult Rs 5 and for Children it would cost you Rs 3.

How to Reach

By air- the nearest airport to Akkulam Tourist village is Thiruvananthapuram international airport which is located at a distance of around of 7 km.

By train- the nearest railway station is Thiruvananthapuram railway station which is located at a distance of around 10 km from Akkulam Tourist village.

By road- once you will reach the city of Thiruvananthapuram you can look to avail local services to reach Akkulam Tourist village.

So come here with all your picnic plans as mesmerizing ambience which is acknowledged by amazing adventure facilities is waiting for you to give you something exclusive during your vacation in Kerala.